Don’t Pass Odds in Craps

Craps is an exciting dice game played in casinos where players place bets on the outcome of rolling or series of rolling two dice. Play is conducted at a special table featuring various betting options; each roll determines whether players win or lose their bet. Craps offers an intricate betting system and fast-paced action, appealing to novice and veteran gamblers alike – making it one of the most sought-after titles at any casino!

Don’t Pass Odds

crapsDon’t Pass Odds in craps are based on specific numbers, unlike Pass Line bets which are based on random numbers. As such, their payoffs reflect the true odds of the wager and not what actually wins or loses; hence a slightly smaller house edge. When playing Don’t Pass Odds you receive a 5:6 payoff if the point is six; 2:1 payout if it’s two; and 1:2 for three points or greater. If the point comes up eight then 10:1 is awarded.

The Don’t Pass Odds bet is typically placed alongside the Don’t Pass Flat bet, both placed on two $1 chips. If the Point is rolled before 7, it is considered a push and your Don’t Pass bet has ended; however, some casinos won’t let players win if the point rolls before 12. However, if after seven, your Don’t Pass bet becomes valid as usual.

The Don’t Pass wager is the most basic option at the craps table. It helps reduce the casino’s edge over players while adding an exciting element to gameplay. Furthermore, this bet offers great value; with a house edge of only 1.36% on Don’t Pass bets compared to Pass Line bets’ 1.40% per roll, players have more of a chance at winning! Unlike Pass Line bets, Don’t Pass wagers can be placed alone or combined with other bets; most commonly placed on Odds after Point established.

The most popular Don’t Pass Odds bets are the 1x, 2x and 3x Odds. A 1x Odd pays out 2:3, a 2x Odd pays out 3:1 and a 3x Odd pays out 4:3. These bets have an edge of only 0.42% which is much lower than the house edge on Pass Line bets.

Another popular Don’t Pass Odds bet is the full double. A full double occurs when the dice roll a number that is double the point value, paying out 9:1, as opposed to 7:1 payout on Hard Way wagers. Furthermore, Don’t Pass is also the only bet in the game which pays out doubles if any point is rolled – an important fact as it reduces the house edge down to 0.431%.

The Don’t Pass bet is the best wager for the come out roll, when two dice are rolled at once. This is when placing a Don’t Pass bet; if they roll a point before rolling seven, your Don’t Pass bet becomes a winner and your stake becomes even money.

Pass Line Odds

One of the simplest and most straightforward betting options when it comes to craps is Pass Line odds. This wager involves guessing the outcome of a shooter’s roll and pays out even money. It’s self-service so it’s important to understand how true odds work and what amounts are allowed by most casinos.

In addition to the Pass Line, there are other popular bets on the table such as Don’t Pass Line and Proposition Bet. Both these simple wagers offer you a chance at winning if the shooter rolls either seven or eleven and have no house edge. The Proposition Bet involves betting on whether ace will come up next – its odds of success slightly higher than with Pass Line bet, however its payout remains highly favorable. It’s wise to take advantage of all available bets whenever possible.

Another popular bet is the place bet, which covers numbers 4,5,6,8,9 and 10. If your number rolls before the shooter rolls a seven or 11, then you win! Although not as generous as other options such as pass line bets, it does have a slightly lower house edge which makes it ideal for new gamblers.

The Odds bet is placed directly behind the Pass Line wager, paying out at the same rate as a Pass Line bet with no house edge. You can make this bet during any Comeout roll at odds of 3 to 2 on points five and nine; some casinos allow up to five times your Pass Line bet if playing online; most often for free!

After the Point has been established, you can take the Odds bet. Most casinos allow three to four times the Odds bet; however, some might allow it after a Point of six or eight. Be mindful that the house edge for Pass Line bets is 1.31% per roll – thus it’s better to play a bet with a lower house edge than one with a higher one; an Odds bet has no house advantage at all.

To place a pass line bet, place your chip on the Pass Line area of the table. This long, narrow bar has two options for placing chips: directly on top of it or around other bets around it. Generally speaking, place chips along this area in increments of five so that there is enough space between each bet.