About us represents a network of sports statistics websites which include various domains providing a vast number of results and stats. Among the sports covered are,,,,,,, and other.

All these websites cover major and minor sports leagues or tournaments from all over the world, providing latest results, game details, competition standings and statistics, team and player profiles. Managed in 16 languages, these websites cater to users in many countries, with steady visitors from Europe, Africa, Australasia and Americas. is a registered trade mark and the use of its brand and content without prior approval is prohibited. Some sports details from our network can be republished with the necessary copyright and link references to the source.


With such a network in place and languages covered, we offer several advertising opportunities, like banner placements and sponsored content in appropriate sections.

Content for Webmasters

Website owners can use statistics and results available in our network, republish and make their own sports analysis with appropriate references.

We also offer several content options for website owners which allows them to integrate data like updated league standings, match results, team profiles and predictions within their websites. For this reason, we have created a widgets section with details of implementation, and we have also supported the development of WordPress plugins for easiness of implementation.